Do we need them? Does it really matter? Will society still function without them? Who decide on the rules? Do I have them in my own life??? One thing is for sure… our way of life requires some direction to protect us and society against us and society!!!!
An awareness of remaining within social responsible norms are required from each of us. We are blessed with these social norms and rules against ourselves, aren’t we?
This however does not mean one cannot optimize and enhance the rules to achieve a desired outcome. Out of the box thinking does not mean breaking the rules, one is merely questioning a rule’s validity!
The “1% Club“ are those that made a difference, testing the boundaries of accepted rules, taking the opportunity to seek the outer limits of the rule while remaining within its boundaries. @ an audio download with your name on it is available now ✅. Get it, listen to it daily and develop a different way of thinking about the rules that inhibit you from optimizing your behavior to being a “1% Club” member!!! Our coaches are standing by to assist with anything and everything that you can imagine, to go beyond this ruled limitations. Make the call today! Be the rule pusher. Be the difference. I am what I am. I am the best rendition of myself. I am making the difference. I am healthy. I am wealthy. I am complete. I am pushing the outer limits of all the rules that is holding me back. I am. With love 💕 S.