Allow the rhythm of your own breath. Connect to your looseness let your dream continue to release all tension in your body. You are truly mindlessly without ego allowing you to relax. Your mind is open, allowing cool, calm spacious thoughts to enter. Your affirmations are confirmed and easily ignited. You are achieving the desired outcomes. Breathe in and out. Nothing / no incidents are overwhelming, to you! You are aware. I am releasing all circumstances, I am released from external circumstances, I am safely accepting the outcomes as my desired result. I am allowing the universal truth to manifest my expectations. I am the greatest. I am in control. I am that I am, champion and master over all actions in my multiverse. Remember, you are unstoppable. With love πŸ’•S.

πŸƒπŸ™When unaware one is fearful, on the defense, in resistance and antagonistic towards others and life. When aware, there is trust, the ability to let go and surrender. When trusting one flows with the river of Life and not against it. One is willing, available and engaged in the stream and moves wherever it takes you. – knowing that it is exactly where one has to be. Simple. Uncomplicated. Clear.πŸƒπŸ™