What is it that one wants and what one needs. Want is a future term. Need is a dependent term. One can replace those words with “have” ⚙️. Or one can use “am” 🔩. Stated in the positive “I am successful” or “I have unlimited abundance”. Our time in this realm is highly conditioned, the reason is mainly to do with control. Speaking with positive reasoning and making statements in the positive, conditions the subconscious into expectations of positive desired outcomes. You are in control and the reason you receive the outcomes that you are receiving is due to the condition of your thinking 🤔. Start to feed and reason with statements in the positive. Make the changes in your reasoning🔮. I am healthy and I am healed, I have unlimited knowledge, I have infinite ♾ power, I am loved and I have reason to live abundantly, I am awesome, I have security, I am and have all that I desire. I am daily filling my subconscious with reasoning to have all I ever can dream. I am. With love 💕 S

🍃🙏How does one progress on the inner path? Only by being willing and available to allow the new in. One never arrives and growth never ends. Courage is needed, extraordinarily courage. When one allows the new in one can never be the same again. Allow the new in moment by moment.🍃🙏