Who’s baggage 🧳 are you carrying? It is a choice, you know? Instead of seeing it as baggage we can change our attitude and open the case and let it go! Often it is said that “ it is easy to say this, not so easy to do” and one would agree… for a moment! However it is a conditioning that makes one belief that we have to continue to carry another’s baggage. There is a period of mourning, there is a period of releasing an then there is time to let go! Once a situation is over, let it go. The past is behind us, one can allow those influences to dictate the future or one can step up to the plate and hit the next curve ball out of the park. Until we let go one will never gain the experience… instead one will be caught up within a never ending circle ⭕️ were no experience is gained and one is stagnated. Let go.. the decision is within 🎭. With love 💕 S.