Still did a lot of formal work yesterday and was kept busy. As with many new things one starts, there is excitement and energy. Unfortunately I did most of the things on the list in super mode…. this left me an afternoon open without anything planned.

Aaaah ha light ???? was required and the moment did not fail me… instead of just sitting waiting I grabbed the duster and mop!!!! Eish, why do one pay the maid? Her list got way longer ???????????? when she returns.

That made me think ????, are one so conditioned in doing your daily work that we forget the detail? Not looking in all the corners and allowing dust to gather in the unused areas of our productivity. Does one allow yourself the luxury of saying, nobody will notice?

Looking inward the reflection made one realize that one does allow your conditionings to drive the daily activity. If one does not give attention in detail…. the cracks opens up!

Focus today on the structural conditioning within, give attention to the detail and live fully. ????????????
The seeds we plant today will only blossom in the future, plant them anyway!!!

With love ???? S.

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