What did you do to make a difference in someone’s journey yesterday? Did you provide support, with out being asked. One seldom realizes how much “need” is out there. One does not have to go far to find another who requires support, just turn to your loved ones, listen and hear how to support them. A kind ear is often times more valued than a thousand words. Act from your inner peace and experience the excitement of the other finding the desired outcome locked away within, all we sometimes need is support! With love 💕 S.

Ps. A short description will follow to join our body activation sessions. Looks 👀 like there is going to be some fun.🙄🥴😎

🍃🙏It is helpful to remember at all times that the ego -mind does not experience the world as it is, but only it’s own perception of it. And it’s perception is always based on the past. To engage with the present through the past is a guaranteed recipe for suffering.🍃🙏