Isn’t this just the most funny frustration. By far one of the easiest to prevent! Lost keys… one finds sometimes that the daily routine get distracted and unconsciously plonk keys down where they should not be, that is still fine. But when one suddenly need them they are ‘gone’ and a waste of time to try and find them. Remember the frustration of looking for keys before you put it down making a mental note or having a specific place to store them. The sam goes for our thoughts. Keep your thoughts channeled inline with the desired outcomes. Journal your ideas so that when you ready to recall a specific idea it is easy to find it. At our audio products assist one with training the subconscious with better channeling of one’s thoughts. Download today, listen for 30 days continuously and daily at the same time. See the self improvement and astonish yourself and those in your world with your new ability…. finding the ‘lost keys’
With love 💕 S
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