Time… relentlessly goes on. The pause in our daily activities did not stop ???? TIME!
As with all things we now see certain changes within the lockdown….
For those in essential services it is time to go back to work… embrace this change, be ecological and have compassion… the leaders in the community will now be required to be stronger than ever before!
Take a proactive view to the world ????!
Be the change that YOU want to see….
Accepting the responsibility to make a difference.
I am is the most powerful words, use it wisely!
I am blessed and thankful that today I receive the abundance of life and I am, acting to nurture the seeds of change that was planted a mere 25 days ago! Everyday the new seeds planted require a 21 day cycle of care!
The process is reoccurring and we need to embrace the constant change…
With love ???? S.