Fear…. False evidence appearing real.

To many rumors and spreading of unproven news is the worst symptom of the lockdown.

Before one forward information that we receive in the social media, pause and check the validity…

Sometimes we have to investigate what we receive… and then stop the rumors in its tracks, by not spreading this to our contacts.

Today is a sunny morning, ???????????? I went to investigate and send you the proof of information ????????????

One is the gate keeper, you decide what you allow into your mind. Good or bad it is your decision.

Be vigilant as you have the goods / energy and there are those that wants to rob you!

One can follow the herd mentality or one can stand up and take responsibility for oneself!

You are receiving the abundance of energy available in the universe, every moment of everyday, it is already given to you, unlock your powerful self!

With love ???? S.