Commitment and discipline.
This morning is cuddle weather and all the opportunities indicate that One should snuggle up and stay between the cozy covers.
Alas, there is a journey planned and the companions are waiting.
The strongest chain of activity is but only as strong as it’s weakest link. Will One give in and be that link? Or will One commit with self discipline and nurture the seeds that was planted. Are we but a puppet on a string or a decision maker?
There is so much time and yet so little, make the choice now, unlimited energy from the abundance available or a little more slumber!
Whatever you decide, act in honesty and do not bring humankind down the rabbit ???? hole.
Let go and feed your seeds of action, you are the change you want to see in your world, all the answers are locked in, within you.
Let go of the norm, the cozy, the comfortable. Stand up for what and who you are…. live from love…
Lovies ???? S.

You are awesome ???? act with care!