Hill asserts that the brain is similar to a radio. Just like a radio, your brain operates at specific set frequencies. In the case of your brain, these frequencies are emotions: love, hate, despair, fear, confidence, and more. A radio can only provide sound when the transmitter and receiver are set to the same frequency. In the same way, if you want your brain to provide wealth, then you have to make sure that your emotions reflect that frequency. If your brain is set to a frequency of despair and poverty, then that is all that you will be able to manifest via the Infinite Intelligence, because that’s the only signal that the Infinite Intelligence sends that you will be able to pick up. But when you set your brain to a frequency of love, confidence, and feeling abundant, then you will naturally manifest those things. When we adjust our mental frequency, we have the ability to communicate, not just from one finite brain to another, but to the mind of Infinite Intelligence as well. With love 💕 S. Tune in to your success channel. Like watching a TV 📺 show, if you don’t like what you see, change the channel. Vibrate at yor success frequency. For support in the process feel free to contact us @ www.ineuniverse.com, for assistance and guidance on how to make the adjustment!