The Secret of Think and Grow Rich
The essential “secret” of Think and Grow Rich is that you are in total control of the one thing that enables you to have the life of your dreams. Whether that’s more free time with your loved ones, a 50-foot yacht, more respect from your co-workers, or better, more fulfilling personal relations.
That one thing is your mindset. The secret of Think and Grow Rich is that your thoughts control your mindset, which creates your reality.
The technique to put your thoughts into the right mindset to influence the “creative method of thought” is modifying your emotional state. If you are experiencing a negative emotion, like jealousy, fear or anger, then you are creating a negative mental vibration. You are literally attracting more experiences that will make you resonate that same feeling. On the other hand, when you are in an emotional state of love, pleasure, laughter and happiness, just like a radio broadcasting set, you are sending out vibrational waves into the mind of infinite intelligence. The universal mind responds by sending back to you experiences and things that will make you resonate more of the same.
Monitor your thoughts and feelings. If you want to attract abundance, be certain you are broadcasting feelings of appreciation, fulfilment and joy. This is the mysterious secret of Think and Grow Rich. With love 💕 S. Repeat these principles until they are engrained to be part of natural daily routine and live life to the fullest measure ♾