Life is a game, do you know how to play it?
The old saying of what you sow, you will reap! Are we sowing in fertile soil or are we recklessly just going about throwing seeds all over?
Karma is a bitch, it will always equalize the balance!

Nurture and water your seeds with positivity and persistence. Somethings are never done. There is always, Time, to redo and replant the seeds, we can’t change the past. Heckle, freckle one can ensure that we do not make the same mistakes again!
Turn over the page and start again!
Those things where you feel wronged, take a deep breath, let it go, let the Ego go!
Where you have wronged another, call them and let it go! If they are not available or you feel ashamed, write it out in a letter, let go of the emotion.
Live in forgiveness, egoless, start now, look inward and reflect on the forgiveness required within! Forgive yourself!

With love ???? S.

I am, is the GOD sound, use those words wisely, as I am is the co- creator.
Whenever we make that sound we are putting intentions out into the universe! Use the words that follow, I AM…. very wisely!
I am receiving abundance in unlimited forms and I am allowing the energy to flow ecologically to the good of all humankind and the nature we live in!
Thank you for HIS Grace!!!

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