Everything your heart ♥️ desire has come true for you!
What will you do, with all of that abundance?
As the universe and time relentlessly continue their journey, what remains for you to do?

I am grateful to have shared this journey. As we are getting into the last 2 days, it is time for reflection!
Ask yourself:
Have I made a change?
Did I make a difference?
Am I the change, I want to see in the world ?????
Has my journal ???? reflected the change that has happened in my life for the past 40 days?

As we get to the end of the 2nd 21 days, you are dared to challenge your outcome! If you are pleased with the result that is GOOD!
Should one desire more, no problemo lets put the intention out into the universe and prepare the garden for the new seeds.

Friday a different theme and a new process! With your ???? we will start an interactive group, this is an elite group for the change and acceptance manifestation.
With love ???? S.

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