Having journaled and recorded one’s daily activities on the journey that one lived the past period, there should be some activities one does not feel proud of, not so? Analysis of these emotions and reflection of the past situation compared to the outcome that it achieved, may not be in the direction of one’s desired outcome. Isolate the incidents that are not serving. Burn and destruct the emotions that one is hoarding, holding onto wishes that things were different. One does have power over the emotions, over the thoughts and thus the outcome! Let go of those energies that no longer serve, leave them in the delete box. Take this box and destroy the content, let it all go. As one practice this regularly, this habit becomes a daily routine, thus minimising the effects of one’s adverse actions. Destroy and clear out the reactive energy in the mind, practice a daily routine and refill the blank space with an active solution driven statement! Destroy the negativity in the subconscious and balance the account to one’s favour. With love 💕 S.