From when we started till now, we took a journey with two periods of 21 days!
We planted seeds, physical and spiritual and I trust that the results are what you want!

I am grateful for the TIME and motivation that I received from you, to get up and act out! You are a blessing and I am rewarded in knowledge that we are blessed with unlimited abundance and universal energy! We are receiving positive input beyond our wildest dreams.

From Friday, I am putting a challenge out! Your daily feedback and input will make it an interactive journey!
Do you want to be challenged??? (as if there is not enough other challenges)
This hopefully will be a fun challenge requiring some interactive feedback!

We are daily surrounded by sensory inputs and our conditioning has filters that process all this information. We do however find that some useless information slips past the mental barriers and often these, unfounded information pieces, brings down our self assured management, a notch or two.
With daily use, INEUNIVERSE offers subliminal recordings to assist your subconscious mind to use brain entrainment programming to become… bulletproof… against the ongoing bombardment!

Go have a look at the products on our website, do a download on one of the subjects and start the following 21 day interactive journey with us!


I am offering 1 free download on any of the subjects to each person that follow these steps:
1. A personal download,
2. Daily participation for the next 21 days,
3. Get 5 friends to do a download and start the 21 day journey with you,
4. Supply the names only, of your 5 friends that did the download and receive a refund,
5. THRIVE, use the process to strengthen your subconscious ability.

I highly appreciate your participation as it will provide us with information to give YOU more interactive feedback!
You are already a winner and we are excited to take this journey with you!

But wait there is more…
start earning a free download of our products with every 5 friends that you refered to do a download… your tokens are ready to be delivered.
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With love ???? S.
Be the change and Thrive, the door of unlimited possibilities is open for you… step inside… let us go!