By now you would have done your download! Let this play at a volume that is acceptable to you, preferably with a head set!

Take 5 minutes and silently enter a quiet state of mind, letting go of your consciousness, focus on your breathing…. if thoughts interrupt, just let it go and focus again on the breathing…. in and out….

Now take a deep breath in and hold for 5 seconds then let it all out, deep breath in… hold 5 seconds and let it all out!
Repeat this for 5 minutes!

On completion of the exercise, (continue the music ????) take your journal and write down all the thoughts and ideas that occupy your mind, just sit and relax, letting it go!
Just write everything down, there is no rules or need for order… just let it go writing ✍️ everything down…. continue till the end of your download! Just let it all out… all is good!

Continue the music and remain in this calm state of mind till the end and let go of all thoughts and ideas just writing it down….

Remember all is good.
With love ???? S.

Borrowed significance!

????????All spiritual learning is unlearning. One does not learn patience, one unlearns impatience. How does one unlearn impatience? You have to become aware. You have to SEE the impatience when it is there. See it as often as possible. Seeing it again and again brings a realization that brings about transformation – the collapse of impatience and the natural emergence of patience. TO SEE IS TO BE FREE.????????