Take a comfortable position, preparing for a 5 minute deep breathing exercise.

During this period enter total calmness while listening to your download. For the breathing part purely focus on inhalation, holding and letting out. Let go of all thoughts during these 5 minutes!

Deep breath in for 5 seconds , hold for 5 and let it all out for 10 seconds. Repeat for 5 minutes while listening to your download.

Now after 5 minutes keep your journal on the page with thoughts and let go of this mornings thoughts, while your download is playing…

On a separate page take the most important idea or thought and write it down, continue listening to your download and writing ✍️ the random ideas ???? on your key thought page!

Calmly read through your list and focus on expanding the one idea separately for a few minutes… write random thoughts down on the subject and expand… expand the idea with atleast 10 line items to create body to the idea, now just relax with your audio download…. as more ideas come, fill the page of the mainn idea and just let it flow…. your download music ???? keeps you in a calm state of mind and you are relaxed…. just relax letting go of thoughts on the main subject by writing it down… just let go….

All other non associated thoughts go to the ideas page… read again your main idea and continue writing more thoughts and solutions down, remain calm and relaxed till the end of your audio download….

Now take your main idea and order your thoughts in priority of actions to take…. during this time it is not important whether it is achievable or not… just make a priority list, be elaborate and dream your desired outcome just let it go ….

Now calmly allow the main idea and the solutions to simmer in your thoughts and reflections for the rest of the day… if more ideas pops into your mind…. write it down…. just keep on expanding the idea.!!!

Tomorrow we elaborate….

Enjoy a stunning day… accept the blessings surrounding you and live as if it is your last day… go full out…

With love ???? S

You are a desinger item, totally unique….. and you are loved ❤️ .


Your feedback is valued, and I will work closely with you in response to your feedback to assist you to make the download work optimally!