Start today’s session with the 5 minute breathing exercise, calming your mind and entering the state of mindlessness! Just beeath and listening to the download music ???? allowing yourself to relax…????????????

Continue your breathing as the 5 minutes pass and journal the random ideas, in no particular order. Go to the main idea ???? and expand with uninhabited the ideas already there! Take each concept and visually see it in your minds eye ????, there is no limits and abundance is overflowing, just let go and write down the new expansive thoughts ????….

There are no rules, no limitations just unlimited energy. Continue doing this while listening to your download and remember to breathe….

At the end of the session jyst take a moment and reflect on the music ???? your main idea and how it makes you feel! Embrace the positive feedback and letting go of that thoughts and feelings that is not serving you!!!

With love ???? S.

In preparing for tomorrow, get a poster size paper and some pictures that expresses your main idea that you journaled…. some glue, scissors and color pens ????/ pencils ✏️ . Also if possible get mobile audio or speakers ???? so that you can continue listening to your download.

Remember it is Mother’s Day!