Past studies by various institutes and persons has shown an uncanny similarity in the field of brain harmonics. World wide there are a belt of persons who has aged beyond 100. They are in physical good condition, mentally alert but mostly seem to have the cells in their bodies rejuvenated in annual cycles. They are also in regional pockets across the world called Blue Line areas. There are proven reduced electronic interference and exposure to high radiation from various sources. ✅ Know this is cool for us, isn’t it? If we adapt the pattern of lifestyle early on, reduce our poison ☠️ intake, exercise our body and mind in a disciplined manner, certainly we are managing 75% of the conditions required for longevity. The most important is the management of our own mental capacity. A continuous commitment to conditioning the mind and actively life a focussed lifestyle. One can rejuvenate the cells in one’s mind, it is a choice and there are a legion off tools available. One has to assess one’s current situation and circumstances, journal where one is and where one wants to be. Then act, as if one is in love for the 1st time again, act with total abandonment just let go, chase the dream…. With love 💕 S