All energy is constantly vibrating. It may change in frequency and multiply, in various strange forms. But we are all, energy. Our mind capacity can be trained and conditioned to overcome any adversity. We can train the mind to the point of self conditioning to heal the body, from any and all illnesses. Our field of energy is one with the multiverse. Tap in to the higher source, start vibrating in tune with the source at all times. One’s limitations, in one’s beliefs is the culmination of eons of conditional education and acceptance for what one sees to be the truth! Our conditioning is our limited truth, why not be mire? Expand beyond one’s own self set limits and allow the unlimited abundance, freely growing and expanding in the multiverse, to heal the self, ineuniverse. All energy is at ONE source, are you asking and receiving, your fair share with acceptance and gratitude. Be healed! You are part of the ONE! With love 💕 S.