Start with the playing of your download and doing the 5 minute breathing exercise!

Again being mindless and really focus on a deep breath in, and hold for 5 seconds and then let it all out….. repeat! Keep doing this for 5 minutes….

While you continue listening to the music ???? pull up your poster and journal ????. Open up your page with the main idea and focus on the idea try to see yourself achieve the desired outcome!

Make notes and points on your poster of where you will paste pictures that enhance your goal to motivate you and achieve the desired results!

TODAY, look for pictures in books ???? magazines and other print and keep them or cut it out and paste it to your vision board. Maybe you 1st want to just place everything on the poster until you have the desired layout!

Remember to listen to the download as much as you can during the process! Also continue making notes on the ideas pages, those not relevant to the main idea!

For the main idea continue to expand… expand… expand. Make this as surreal as you want it to be… it is your truth! Your dream outcome!

For assistance and discussion on creating your vision board, feel free to contact me…. continue the music ???? several times per day!

With love ???? S.