Start with the playing of your download and doing the 5 minute breathing exercise!

Again being mindless and really focus on a deep breath in, and hold for 5 seconds and then let it all out….. repeat! Keep doing this for 5 minutes….

While you continue listening to the music ???? pull up your poster and journal ????, if you have pasted some pictures and ideas thhat is great!

Continue expanding the layout and focus on the reason for ach picture that you paste!

Visually see in your minds eye ???? how you have already achieved each of the points on the vision board.

Add more ideas, remember to continue listening to your download and maintain your focus on setting up your poster, feel the freedom and self actualization.

Remember there is unlimited abundance and you have access to tap into a higher energy. So just let your ideas flow.

Continue your music as this is a tool that one use to open up the portals to the inner self…

You are awesome and you are achieving amazing results… you are a WINNER!

Live today with total exuberance as if there is no tomorrow….

???????????? Don’t Spare the Horses ????!!!????????????

For assistance and discussion on creating your vision board, feel free to contact me…. continue the music ???? several times per day!

With love ???? S.


See you at the top ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? remember to hug the most important person in your life… yourself ????????????????

Ancient advise!

The advice to love ourselves has been around for so long…

But how does one do that, when most don’t even know who they really are?

We teach our kids to love themselves… but do they know what exactly is there to love?

What is the “I” that I should love?

What specifically, is animating this flash and bone, that I refer to as my body?

My body is obviously not me, it’s mine – otherwise, I wouldn’t call it “my” body.

What is then the “I”… that invisible, non-physical, intelligent force that’s having a human experience?

And just how small or big is that “I”?

And is it really unique and separate from all the other “I’s”… or is it perhaps all part of one whole “thing”?

As an example only, if we knew that the “I” in others is the very same as the “I” in us… wouldn’t then the advice “love yourself” have a completely different range?

Wouldn’t we treat all of the creation differently?

Wouldn’t we love it all… as if it were ourselves?

Love yourself, they tell us… as we even know who we really are and what is there to love, specifically.

In the ancient cultures they had a saying: “When the god inside of you, recognizes itself… as the god inside of me, then you got it.”

From: Robert Simic

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