A basic law of human existence that influences all experiences, is that of completion. Anything that is complete, collapses (it is finished) because there is no more meaning in holding on to it. Anything that is not completed stays, waits for it’s completion, and shows up in life again and again until completed. This is creating subconscious stress and anxiety. The mind’s obsessive chatter is an attempt to complete these unfinished experiences. So, to discover inner peace – to break the daily constant monologue and discover inner silence – one’s focus must be to complete, everything that one encounters. Whether one is bathing, eating, working, playing, relating, COMPLETE it. How does one complete it? BE FULLY HERE IN THE MOMENT, JUST BE AVAILABLE, ENGAGE. – Subconsciously, it will complete itself. Life takes care of life.πŸŒΏπŸ‘ One in a physical state is but a tool on the journey! Let go of the emotional subconscious past conditioning. Complete the multitude of journeys, (open) presenting itself. Be honest and truthful, let the past go, one can not change it. COMPLETE the experience. With love πŸ’• S.