This morning we are facing the changing world. The way humans will interact has changed. The awareness has changed, hygiene has changed.
Should this not have been so, always?

Our past conditioning will no longer serve us! Time is now to grab at the opportunity, surrounding one.

The days ahead offer TIME to learn new skills, plant new seeds and use the energy we are filled with to water ???? the seedlings ????.
Use your time wisely!

One ☝️ has time to reflect, that is good! One has time to contemplate ????, that also is good! One does have intentions, that is great ????!

Now, stand up and ACT!

Take massive action, put such an elaborate plan together that it drives an exited fear into your ???? heart! ACT with small measured droplets ???? and fill the unlimited buckets of abundance of achievement during the months ahead. While others sleep ???? walk through this time, waiting for normal to return.

Stand up and ACT!

Know this… one’s actions will create the new normal and your input energy will generate you output abundance!

Be egological, work with nature! Be honest, it will always return the desired outcome. Be fair.

Measure, everyday take cognitive assessment of the period past and one’s results vs input!

Blessed are the one ☝️ that stand to be measured as the group of solution makers!

Change YOUR world ????.

With love ???? S.