Star playing your download and doing the 5 minute breathing exercise!

Again being mindless and really focus on a deep breath in, and hold for 5 seconds and then let it all out….. repeat! Keep doing this for 5 minutes…. the breathing allows one too zone in on the main idea and remain focused!

While you continue listening to the music ???? pull up your poster and journal ????.

Remember there is no right or wrong. Just remain in the zone!

Visually see in your minds eye ???? how you have already achieved each of the points on the vision board.

All related ideas can be added to the vision board. Journal onto the ideas page the other new ideas. Try and singularly focus on the main idea. Just sit, relax and dream on achieving your desired outcome of the main idea ???? 

Today we align our goals and feelings, feel the emotions that you have while listening to the music and seeing yourself achieving the main goals. Think wth your heart ♥️ let go of the why or not, just feel the achievement. Total emotions, now is not the time of how! Synchronization of your feelings and senses to believe you have achieved your goal!

Just relax and enjoy the sense of achievement… you are surrounded with unlimited energy, you are unlocking and stepping through the door synchronizing feelings with unlimited energy!

Remain relaxed and listen to your music… you are achieving, you are a winner ???? you are that what you want to be…

You are achieving your outcome….

Abundant energy is flowing over you and you are feeling the sense of achievement… you are awesome!!!

Continue your download and sit relaxed just letting everything go! You are the best…. you are a winner just let the ideas flow… expand…

Add more ideas, remember to continue listening to your download and maintain your focus on your poster, feel the freedom and self actualization.

Remember there is unlimited abundance and you have access to tap into a higher energy. So just let your ideas flow.

Continue your music, as this is a tool that one use to open up the portals to the inner self…

You are awesome and you are achieving amazing results… you are a WINNER!

Just continue this process for 20 minutes and repeat this visualization 3 to 6 times a day!

You can achieve your outcome. Listen to your download music ???? as much as you possibly can…

You are planting new seeds and by repetitive listening to the music new neural pathways are formed. You are on your way to achieve the successful outcome you deserve and desire!

There is no how, just feel the synchronized energy, you are an achiever…

Don’t Spare the Horses ???? go all out!

For assistance and discussion on creating your vision board, feel free to contact me…. continue the music ???? several times per day!

With love ???? S.


See you at the top ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? remember to hug the most important person in your life… yourself ????????????????


Today! Is the last day of pictures! That goal was achieved and now ended.

I am starting a next journey with different seeds, are you up to another 21 day activity?

Are you ready for a new journey? Are you participating or just sit in the crowd as an onlooker?

Your feedback is valued! I would personally appreciate some comments on your journey, the past 50 days.
This I will post on the website.

Pop me a quick message with your response!

Go to and see the blog/ news letter for an update!

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