Now that one has done the deed, does it feel accomplished? Yes, in commitment and activity, yes! One does require the active affirmations and resolutions for the desired outcome. Act, do it now, accomplish the deal. With love πŸ’• S.
Ps. You are the outcome that you desire. Be the best. Love yourself and you will attract more love, live humbly, you are co-creator and master of your life. These things one gather during a lifetime is just things. GOD commands one to live fully, outside of this boundaries called life, things does not define us, it is one’s willingness to be… that defines YOU. Today we are knowledgeable about the huge expance of creation yet we want to be suppressed by human created institutions, putting fear into our hearts and controlling one. Stand up and THRIVE, it is your GOD given right. One is more than the limitation we perceive. YOU are CO-CREATOR. Be the outcome that you desire.