When one buy new designer clothing, does one 1st put it on to see if it fits, before wearing it? Or does one one go with an attitude of “whatever”? Our presentation to the world, although ego driven, is important, isn’t it? It makes one feel good and boost confidence, doesn’t it? One actually think and plan what we will wear before we get dressed, don’t we? Now, does one just routinely, get up and follow the same old pattern or will one take a moment and plan one’s actions for the day? Of course, being aware one does the active thing and fit different scenarios to adjust the days planning for optimal benefit and a planned outcome. Circumstances may change but having done a fitting of the days activity mean one only needs slight adjustments during the period instead of drastic changes. Fitting one’s day activity and visualize the desired outcomes leads to a active desired outcome and one can thrive. Be the designer you today, fitting the right attitude. With love 💕 S.

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