Time to get up and go past that thing and those people that keep on telling one it can’t be done. Now is the time to keep the routine reconfirm the commitment to the dream. Now tenacity and resilience will take one on the path of success! During the next 48 hours phase 1 of your 21 day project will complete. The new habit will transform thought oatterns and it will become easier to stick to the routine.

Get up… go past the barrier, whether self imposed from conditioning and old believes not serving one any more or whether from circumstances or other people.

Get up, release the shackles blocking one’s ingenuity, be the greatest version of yourself.

Today one has the opportunity to act in an awesome way and be the change one sees in the world ???? .

Look at your 21 day plan, measure and asses the change that is already happening keep close record. Be proud of the change, your achievement, however small. One has started the journey to greatness, continue with love ???? .

Protect the valuable package ???? that’s one’s changing behavior!

With love ???? S.