Take time today and spread the love. Sit for 5 minutes and do deep breathing. Inhale into the stomach and hold for 5 seconds and exhale for 5 then hold for 5 and inhale for 5. Deep breaths into the core of the physical body. Thinking of spreading love to self, partner, children and all around you. Keep the eyes closed and take deep breaths, in and out, let go of everything and focus on spreading love, 5 in, hold 5, out 5, hold 5 and repeat. Keep the central thought of love as focus in the core, just let it spread to all around you, just be in silence for 5 minutes, focussed on the core of being, love. Silence the reactive subconscious and just relax, focus on the core and breathe. Let the love energy spread to all around. With love 💕 S.