If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.
At INE we offer products that stimulate your mind on a subconscious level to expand to a higher level in the consciousness and awake state.
Continuously using our products with disciplined commitment, you can achieve everything you dream, believe and focus on!
Today is (totally unplanned ????) the 1st day of a next month and on a Monday. ???? Two of the periods most people decide to start a new goal!
As per the invitation yesterday, do you want to participate and create a new daily ritual practizing your mind power to create what you want.
Health, financial gain, creativity, success, over coming depression, stop using substances, relationship goals or anything else?
Join us on this journey!

Take a picture at a given time each day (about anything) and share it with me! The only required circumstance is that it is at the same time everyday!
With your permission it will be posted on the www.ineuniverse.com blog!
Together we are creating your new habit…

Remember it is all about having fun! With love ???? S.

????????Whatever you do, do it with awareness. Watch every act, every thought, every feeling. Watch and THEN act. Utilize every moment as an opportunity to become more aware. Then, when the time is right you become new, silent, peaceful, non-attached. Awareness deepens and the ability to simultaneously live WITH the world but not IN it emerges. This is freedom from suffering. This is Self- Realization.????????