????????You do not need to know about the future. You are automatically guided by Life Itself and wherever it takes you is where you need to be. Can you trust Life?????????

Something happened this weekend that reminded me of this…

One Shaolin monk said: “I’m not afraid of your 10,000 punches, that you practiced a few times. I’m afraid of your one punch, that you practiced 10,000 times.”

Then he went on explaining how the secret is in the basics.

How my aim should be to master the basics.

Students of life though, their biggest enemy is their thinking that they already got it.

“Enough with the basics, give me the advanced stuff!”

They want more growth and expansion, they want to build themselves up to bigger and higher levels.

And yet… if they build it on a weak, or small foundation, how long before the whole structure collapses?

Basics, core understanding of how life works, how our brain works, how our thoughts affect us, what creates results in our lives, what emotions are… is the foundation in our case.

From: Robert Simic

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