One has the advantage of decision making! If the answer you receive is “no”… the person communicating may be saying “know”….
Meaning they require more information ℹ️ before they want to say yes!
Persistence is required to understand what additional information will open the barrier to entry.
With love ???? S.

❄️????Good personhood – striving for a perfect personality – is commendable but does not in itself result in human life’s highest potential: Self-realization. The idea of a “good” person often becomes an obstacle on the inner path simply because it reinforces duality/ egoic consciousness: good versus bad or right versus wrong. The inner path indicates that as much as duality is an illusion, there is no point in trying to perfect it, it needs to be transcended. Self-realization becomes a possibility through self-awareness and honesty and not through trying or pretending to be a “good” person. There is no such thing as a perfect person. ❄️????

Except ????Chuck Norris????… enjoy an awesome day this season has its own beauty! Live and enjoy the moment ????

A hail storm ⛈ of note in Nelspruit on 18 June 2020!
I am sure it is something for the records!