The sounds of nature is also changing.

As Shakespare said: Nothing is either good or bad… but the way we think about it!

Listening ???? to the sound of the rain ☔️ on the tin roof, being reminded that we are in an unique season! As the old has past, the new is sprouting! Some of the seeds planted a mere week ago has popped its heads out. Ready to perform ????. Others are laying in for a while longer… each for its own! One has a unique pace and does not need to compete with anyone else! This race “called life” is with oneself.

You are the measure against your own goals!
Nothing is good nor bad, one’s thinking ???? makes it so!
Work the garden today!
Take care of the seeds!
Each one will germinate at it’s predestined time!
Stay in the routine and keep the discipline, the seeds of one’s input is growing!
The output results will be measured against that effort! Own the responsibility of the actions taken!
No one else can influence the activity one takes today!
If required start a new garden should the old no longer serve or return the results required!!!!

With love ???? S.

One’s thinking ???? makes it so!!!

Rainy morning!

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