The process should be recorded, this provides the advantage off repeating the actions were the desired outcomes was received. Tweaking details if the results was less than desired is much easier if the process was clearly journaled ????

With love ???? S.


❄️????Have you ever experienced the night going? Have you ever experienced the evening coming? The sunrise and its beauty? Very few people are aware of what is happening in and around them. They are blind to life because of all the attention and importance given to the ego-mind and its activities. In such a beautiful world most people are living in a small pond of their own illusions and projections – their own suffering. It is familiar, so even when the opportunity is there for them to wake up, they choose suffering. Beyond the ego-mind there is so much joy, but you have to be aware of it – you have to be available, a participant, not a spectator. Mind is a spectator, awareness is participation. Participate in the night leaving, participate in the stars and participate in the clouds, make availability  a lifestyle and discover the reality and beauty of life. You could not have dreamed of anything more alive and spectacular.❄️????