Lockdown Day 147 – Travel

Once one decide to take a journey, do you get in a vehicle and just go? No of course not. One takes time to plan the journey. This morning, on your journey through life, do you have travel arrangements for today?
Where are you traveling too, today? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Remember… If you fail to plan , you are planning to fail!!! Using the guided subliminal music 🎢 www.ineuniverse.com offers, the travel plans are made more clear, for your journey. With πŸ’• S.

Life is but a journey, we are all traveling 🧳 on this route! Have a broad overview of the desired end goal and allow the daily guidance to fill in the details. Live from the heart β™₯️ with passion and commitment to oneself. S

πŸƒπŸ™Fear itself actually precludes the awareness of Self/Life/God. Only when it is given up does profound surrender of the immature and resistant ego reveal an inner peace beyond all understanding. πŸƒπŸ™

Lockdown Day 146 – Abundance creator

Having constantly followed a daily routine listening to the subliminal audio message one’s mental approach has been reconstructed with abundance neuro pathways. The journey is routine and with commitment and discipline. As we train our physical body to get profound results… i.e. body toning, muscle building, weight management or diet programs. Following brain entrainment programming, with tools to assist and further enhance the desired outcomes one makes a difference towards your results. Visit www.ineuniverse.com , select your download music 🎼 and journey with a guided meditation to achieve the desired outcomes. With love πŸ’• S. πŸ’«βš‘οΈπŸŒŸπŸŒˆ

Ps. Our coaches are available to assist should you require assistance to determine what your desired outcomes are.

Lockdown Day 145 – Calmness

One can be so busy being busy and trying to succeed in your work and your family life, that one doesn’t see the trees from the wood. Take dedicated daily time to create new habits to create inner calmness with awareness that I am and that the answers are already within me! In prayer πŸ™ and meditation the answers are becoming available. Using the tools of subliminal audio further enhances the release of visions towards one’s desired outcome! Guided repetition is the the difference that allows good to be great πŸ‘. With love πŸ’• S

Grab your audio tools now at www.ineuniverse.com and experience the journey towards your unique future. πŸ’πŸ€œπŸ€›

πŸƒπŸ™The ego-mind focuses on “doing, thinking, feeling, understanding – achieving”. Beyond the ego-mind there is NO focus on becoming, but a knowingness and a Beingness. It is like being positioned in the wind or in a water current: Being one, flowing with Life wherever it takes you. Complete inner surrender and acceptance. Knowing that Life lives Itself. That there is only One that expresses in countless ways.πŸƒπŸ™

Lockdown Day 144 – Guided Meditations

Following a daily routine using the subliminal audio available @ www.ineuniverse.com will assist one to awaken new neuro pathways. This is powerful exercises to release the innermost energy within and allowing the manifestation from The Source to create the ultimate I am. You are an awesome person… complete the 30 day journey and embrace he results.

It is a season of change and in nature we experience the abundance from above…. it rained ???? in the mountains β›° and we are receiving the blessings with gratitude ????

With love ???? S.


????????There is great freedom in the realization that one “has” a body, emotions, thoughts, etc., instead of believing I “am” the mind, body. Suffering is the price one pays for identifying with the body as “me”. With this identification comes attachment and where there is attachment, there is fear. Very few people know what it is to live without fear. Beyond identification, attachment and fear, life becomes effortless as the source of fear dissolves. Fear represents the survival instinct in us – the animal in us – we are so much more.????????

Lockdown Day 143 – JUST DO IT… Nike

Maybe a lesson in life for those that require a lesson….

About 6 months ago, my neighbor asked me for the Wi-Fi password. I gave it to him because it didn’t cost me anything and because I got along with him. Yesterday I was walking home and he was at the door. I stopped to talk a bit as usual, and he happily told me he now had Netflix. At that, I jokingly said: β€²β€² I work hard, barely have time to watch TV, but it’s great, if you could lend me your password to watch some shows I’d appreciate it “. A voice was heard in the distance, it was his wife, sitting in the car: β€²β€² We can’t give it to him, because I’m the one who pays and I can’t share it.”
The most total silence reigned!
The man apologized subheading, I said there was no problem. We kept talking about other things,as they went in, he stayed out doing his stuff. Shortly thereafter, his wife came out to call him, she seemed very nervous, said the television wasn’t working. My neighbor came into the house, I looked out the window. After a few minutes, he and his wife came to call me and told me the Wi-Fi wasn’t working, that the password wasn’t going in. I looked at them and said, β€²β€² I changed my password, because it’s me paying and I can’t share it “. The wife turned red and tried to say something, but I said, β€²β€² Ma’am, I have my network and you have your Netflix, everything is fine and everyone is happy “. They turned around and left closing the door. They never spoke to me again.
This story isn’t mine, but here’s the lesson I learned from it:
– Friendship must be mutual.
– Love must be mutual.
– Affection must be mutual.
In 2020 I intend to return silence with silence, absences with absences, affection with affection, friendship with friendship and loyalty with loyalty. No more unidirectional feelings. Feelings must be mutual.
PS. If you’re only good for taking, take it a little bit in …!!!! ????????
Just promoting Reading “Copy and Paste ????????❀️

With love ???? S.

????????One might say that the “goal” of the inner path is the discovery of Life/God Itself, not as a transcendent “out there” entity, but as a radically subjective experience of Divinity, within as well as without. In the end there is the realization that there is only ONE world, that the perception of an inner and outer world is an illusion of the ego-mind. There is the realization that the Self IS the Presence of God/Life Itself.????????